Founded in 2010, Michael and Robin Gardner purchased the property of what was once the Gathering and the Downtowner and has since turned it into one of the best culinary, wine, and spirits experiences in all of Northwest Ohio.

By hiring one of the best chefs (Robert Rousseau) and wine connoisseurs (Brett Northcutt) in the entire state of Ohio, the Gardner’s have turned these three facilities into the premier dining experience in Findlay offering high end steak, seafood, spirits, wine, and beer. In fact, the wine selection and bourbon selection rival that of any large city in the Midwest.

The company has grown from the Gathering restaurant to include the Anvil bourbon and craft beer bar in 2013, the Gathering Wine in 2014, and the best outdoor patio experience in Findlay. The Anvil offers craft beers and an awesome selection of bourbon and other spirits. On the weekends, the Anvil entertains guests upstairs with live music and a third floor outdoor overhead patio with a view of downtown Findlay.

The Gathering Wine is unmatched with its selection of fine wines and upscale seating within the facility. Wines are the primary product, but it is a full service restaurant offering all the benefits of the Gathering and the Anvil while also providing an inviting environment to the clientele. The Gathering Wine not only serves its wine products, but also retails its outstanding selection of wines to its customers. In 2016, the Gathering Wine established outdoor sidewalk seating on Main Street for an excellent experience for its customers to enjoy the sites and sound of downtown Findlay.

Also in 2016, the Gathering and Gathering Wine established another outstanding experience for Findlay residents when it opened up the back patio outdoor seating that spans between the two establishments. This again allows our customers to enjoy all the benefits of our three brands while soaking up the sun and shade through the late spring, summer, and early fall.

In addition to the great day-to-day experiences, our customers have come to enjoy the outstanding atmosphere of hosting events at each of our facilities – to include the back patio. Each of the brands offers unique experiences that allow us to customize the event to the clients’ needs and provide a truly exclusive opportunity for them to appreciate and differentiate from the norm.

Still to come in 2016 will be a brand new internet site that will offer on-line selling of its retail products expanding the experience well beyond the boundaries of Northwest Ohio.

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